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Dahua / SD6582AN-HN 20X
« on: August 07, 2014, 12:01:45 PM »
Version 2.103
Protocol: ONVIF
Modes: Absolute bidirectionel, absolute unidirectionel
Recommend: Absolute bidirectionel
Tracking modes: AutoTrack & MultiTrack
OneTrack version: 2.8.3

Firmware upgrade required to prevent the !TSK_Visca timeout! Same camera as ameta IP9612.
Nécessite l’upgrade de firmware pour éviter le crash !TSK_Visca timeout! Même caméra que la ameta IP9612.

Versions / 2.9.0
« on: August 06, 2014, 03:17:39 PM »
  • Optimization and bug fixes

Versions / 2.8.9
« on: August 06, 2014, 03:17:12 PM »
  • First release of the OneTrack Rescue Server
  • It's now possible to hide some servers from the main list
  • The administrator password is required to quit the OneTrack Server
  • Possible to activate a profile on alarm input
  • CMS: send email on server lost, with configurable delay
  • Some bug fixes

Versions / Previous Versions
« on: August 06, 2014, 03:15:10 PM »
[Version 2.8.8]   
   A group can now display up to 32 cameras
   PTZ Support: SD6582CN-HN, SD4023N-H, SD40212SN-HN
   Some bug fixes when many simultaneous connections

[Version 2.8.7]
   Support up to 10 remote connections simultaneously
   Some bug fixes

[Version 2.8.6]
   New CMS features:
      Screen splitting, Multiple selection, Ignore server events,
      password protection, audio loop

[Version 2.8.5]
   Now supporting up to 32 cameras
   RTSP streams are now available for live viewing:
     example format: rtsp://ip_adx:9395/live001/low.sdp
     WAN: mini.sdp, low.sdp, high.sdp, miniobj.sdp, lowobj.sdp, highobj.sdp
     LAN: main.sdp, obj.sdp, sub.sdp (if available)
   Support RTSP video server with PTZ via serial port
   Added detection interruption on alarm input
   Increased alarm minimum presence times available
   A button to validate a license certificate has been added
   Some bug fixes
   PTZ Support: Panasonic WV-SC384
   CMS: Audio sound can be played on new notification event
   It's now possible to change the camera order in the General dialog

[Version 2.8.4]
   Motion detection boxes are now merged
   Upgraded to .NET Framework 4.0
   Support relay activation for an ONVIF camera
   Auto Contrast is now configurable
   Signal Loss Sensitivity is now configurable
   PTZ support: Domenor D86
           OpenEye CM-512 (but not recommended)

[Version 2.8.3]
   New feature: preset call on zone for specific closeup on path zones
   Hikvision capture cards now records in h.264
   Upgraded Ipp to version
   PTZ support: Axis P5512, Samsung SCP-2270HN, Dahua SD6582AN-HN, Axis Q6034-E
           Samsung Ipolis SNP-5200H, Bosch VEZ-221-EWCS
           OpenEye CM-410 (but not recommended)
   Some bug fixes

[Version 2.8.2]
   Added substream support for ONVIF and RTSP cameras
   Network card settings can be modified from system menu
   Date, time and usage meters are now displayed in main interface
   Updated Hikvision capture card SDK

[Version 2.8.1]
   Support H.264 recording
   Support the Panasonic WV-CW594 30X PTZ
   Enhanced quality when using VST Codec with unlimited bandwidth
   Bug correction: client might crash when switching screen resolution

[Version 2.8.0]   
   Modified playback engine for better synchronous playback
   Some bug fixes

[Version 2.7.9]   
   Support PTZ Axis P5534-E
   Some bug fixes

[Version 2.7.8]   
   H.264 support for ONVIF cameras (recording still in JPEG)

[Version 2.7.7]   
   ONVIF support (jpeg video only)
   RTSP support (jpeg video only)
   High definition recording
   Max occurrence limit per event
   SSL email support for services like Hotmail and Gmail
   Support Widescreen cameras
   Support PTZ Ameta CAM-IP9612PTZ
   Support PTZ Axis P5522

[Version 2.7.6]
   Support J-Works internal USB Watchdog
   Support camera E-ronix EPP-S037Z (in slave multitrack mode only)
   Support camera ATV Fastrax 4 (Model SD536DWA)
   Client interroperability with different server versions
   Support Hikvision capture card (up to 704x240)
   Windows 7 64bits compatibility for the remote client
   Support PTZ Ameta CA-8661

[Version 2.7.5]   
   Saturation control for video capture
   Support Geovision IP camera
   Support Videotec Ulisse Compact PTZ camera

[Version 2.7.4]   
   First version of the VST OneTrack CMS Software

[Version 2.7.3]   
   Added motion detection for basic recording cameras
   Support up to 2 alarm devices
   Added output reliability relays
   An panel is the main dialog is now dedicated for the alarm buttons
   An icon in the video window shows when a detection or a warning occurs

[Version 2.7.2]   
   Luminosity Filter
   Synchronized playback of up to 4 cameras
   LiveViewer and PlaybackViewer SDK available for developpers
   Button Duplicate in the Recording dialog to apply settings to all cameras

[Version 2.7.1]   
   Balanced bandwidth control for remote clients
   Support the Axis 295 Joystick
   Support PTZ passthrough with the Axis Video Server
   An alarm input can now interrupt PTZ control for an external usage
   Clicking the middle mouse button starts a new relative ptz mode
   Fullscreen mode added
   Support for Windows 7
   SysInfoMonitor is now installed
[Version 2.7.0]   
   Added VST Codec for remote clients
   Added the checkbox "Detect Obstructed Persons" in Dimension Zones
   Tracking priority of Other objects can now be disabled for the background
   Support 3 new camera calibrations:
     - Capture Fastrax III 26X V609 (Model FTD458)
     - Capture Minitrax 22X V242 (Model FTD450)
     - American Dynamics SpeedDome U8 35X V214
   Corrected a bridge bug
[Version 2.6.3]   
   Sort camera models by brands
   Added detection and transition zones counters to the log
   Client can now play audio files on relay activation.
   Support Alarm Box NV7609, NV7608, NV7616
[Version 2.6.2]   
   Corrected some Korean interface bugs
   Internal conversions to VS2008
[Version 2.6.1]   
   Support the Sony Ipela network camera
   Added again the registry keys to modify the dialog ratios
[Version 2.6.0]   
   Added Group Connection To Remote Client
   Support the Provideo Pv-282 capture card
   Support the Panasonic i-Pro protocol
   Some new camera calibrations
   Some bug fixes
[Version 2.5.1]   
   Added the registry keys to modify the dialog ratios
[Version 2.5.0]   
   New License Activation System
   Added JPEG extract in playback dialog
   Added dimension zones for PTZ cameras
   Support for Windows Vista
   Some bug fixes
[Version 2.4.4]   
   Automatic Mask for recurrent motion zones
   Support the camera Spectra III 18X 1.34 (update)
   Support the camera Capture Faxtrax IIE 18X 1.13
   Some bug fixes
[Version 2.4.3]   
   Some bug fixes
[Version 2.4.2]   
   Support the camera EzDome 36X 1.2
   Support the camera EzDome 26X 1.2
   Some bug fixes
[Version 2.4.1]   
   Support the Samsumg SmartDome SCC-C6403
   Support PAL cameras
   Added Event Log Printing
   Some bug fixes
[Version 2.4.0]   
   Added Video Recording
   Support the Network Axis Camera
   Support the camera EzDome 35X 1.2
[Version 2.3.1]   
   Some bug fixes
[Version 2.3.0]   
   Added the Configuration Wizard
   Added the Event Log
   Added the object sensitivity sliders
   Added the zoom aggressivity slider
   Absolute mode can now be forced in unidirectional
   The PTZ positionning is now more precise
   Added the Dimension Zones to specify pedestrians size
   Added video filters
   Added Contrast / Brightness controls
   Added alarm output state in the main screen
[Version 2.2.0]   
   Support Multi-Track: PTZ controlled from fixed camera
   Added the Bridges configuration dialog
   Added Detection and Transition Zones
   Added the Camera Menu dialog
[Version 2.1.0]   
   New mask definition system
   Support daisy-chained camera on the same port
   Support the ProVideo Hardware Watchdog
   Support EzDome Protocol
   Added Manual Button
   Added FTP uploading of event images
   Support mini-client with command line options
   Support camera American Dynamics SpeedDome
   Added PTZ Auto Reset support
   Added alarm minimum presence time
[Version 2.0.0]   
   Support fixed cameras with object detection and recognition
   Support PTZ cameras with object detection and recognition
   Support Panasonic Cameras
[Version 1.6.2]   
   Support EzDome Camera 26X V1.08 with Fastrax protocol
[Version 1.6.1]   
   Support EzDome Camera 18X V1.00 with Fastrax protocol
   Support Pelco D Spectra 3 22X and 23X V1.30
[Version 1.6.0]   
   First version of Remote Client with video
   Use of new custom Mjpeg codec
   Tour with or without intermediate steps between presets
   Application and installer with OEM logos and text
   Support ELMO camera
[Version 1.5.0]   
   First Client/Server architecture
   Added profiles configuration
   Added user logging on main interface
   Advanced alarm intput/output configuration
   Support for the alarm board of the Provideo card
   Possibility to configure different patterns for Masks, Tour and Alarms.
   The schedule is now a shedule of profiles
   Added tracking time limit parameter
   Can now upgrade previous config files since version 1.3.0
[Version 1.4.5]   
   Added Pelco D Protocol and Spectra III calibration.
   Added file logging. Can be enabled with the LogEnabled Registry Key.
   Added watchdog checking in the VstTrackingSystem Dll.
   Corrected division by zero bug.
   Corrected watchdog rebooting problem.
[Version 1.4.4]   
   Restricted NT users can now access the VST License.
   Upgrading will require new license activation code.
   Hidden option to modify the tour wait time
   Added Calibration for Fastrax II E V1.15
   Added Calibration for Fastrax II E V1.16
   Added Calibration for HSDN-251NS V2.12
[Version 1.4.3]   
   First version of the VST Watchdog Service
   Added event logging from VST OneTrack and the VST Watchdog
   Added problems detection: Signal lost, Comm error, video source error
[Version 1.4.2]   
   First version of the licensing system.
   Modified the .av2 file generated during record to include time stamps.
   Record using the Huffyuv codec (lossless)
[Version 1.4.1]   
   Support of protocol RapidDome for the RapidDome 18X in absolute mode.
   During a Record, a .av2 file is generated and contains ptz coordinates for every frame in the .avi file.
[Version 1.4.0]   
   PTZ can now work in absolute or relative positionning. Controls are working differently when in absolute mode.
   In the schedule, the selection blue square is not always displayed anymore.
[Version 1.3.2]   
   Allow manual ptz by clicking directly in the video window:
     - Left click: Center object
     - Draw rectangle: Zoom on object
     - Right click: Unzoom
   Support capture card AVerDVD.
   Added the "None" video source to allow manual ptz even if no video source is available.
[Version 1.3.1]   
   Support the capture card Hauppauge ImpactVCB (1 input only)
   Corrected zoom level problem with the Fastrax 1.19
   Corrected detection mask problem. It was not moving correctly.
[Version 1.3.0]   
   Added the VstCommServerSystem to accept client connections.
   Support the VST OneTrack Remote PTZ 1.0.0:
[Version 1.2.2]   
   Added calibrations for Fastrax II E 1.11  and Fastrax 1.19.
   Added Flags in PtzSystem so that HSDN-251NS V1.12 zooms differently than the other models...
[Version 1.2.1]   
   Support new HSDN-251NS V1.12
   Corrected bug of timing errors with external ptz operations
[Version 1.2.0]   
   Multi-camera support => many changes occured for this
[Version 1.1.1]   
   Corrected the VstPtzSystem : Calibration of the Honeywell 1.25 was too slow in manual ptz.
[Version 1.1.0]   
   Added the VstPtzSystem that supports different protocols and calibrations.
   Added the VstVideoSourceSystem used to capture live video and read from video files.
   Added the VstTrackingSystem that decides when and where to track.
   Display live video in 30fps rather than 5fps.
[Version 1.0.2]   
   Alarms: Added first version of VstDvrSystem allowing to send tracking events through the Parallel Port.
[Version 1.0.1]   
   Added a few features...
[Version 1.0.0]   
   Initial version compatible only with Honeywell ScanDome II V1.25.

FAQ / FAQ OneTrack Francais
« on: August 06, 2014, 02:45:09 PM »
Erreur de communication PTZ
Vérifier que le bon protocole et le modèle de caméra PTZ sont bien sélectionnés.
Vérifier l’adressage de la caméra, c-à-d que l’ID de la caméra ainsi que celui dans l’écran <Général> du OneTrack sont identiques.
Vérifier que la caméra PTZ possède la bonne vitesse de communication (Baud Rate) et que celle-ci soit sélectionnée dans l’écran <Général> du OneTrack.
Vérifier si le branchement est correct au niveau du convertisseur RS485/RS422 – RS232.
Vérifier que la caméra PTZ soit bien connectée au niveau des broches de communication respectives (Rx+, Rx-, Tx+, Tx-).
Vérifier si la caméra PTZ est en mode terminé (Dip-switch à ON sur la caméra PTZ).
Vérifier que les fils de communication de la caméra PTZ conduisent le Data de bout-à-bout et qu’il n’y a pas de coupure dans les fils en question.
Ajouter une alimentation DC régulée, au besoin, au convertisseur série, selon la tension DC qui est au convertisseur (chaque convertisseur possède sa propre tension DC).
Pas de signal vidéo dans le OneTrack (Écran bleu)
Vérifier le signal vidéo de la caméra.
Vérifier les entrées du câble ‘octopus’ vidéo.
Vérifier que la tension est présente au niveau de l’alimentation de la caméra PTZ et qu’elle est fonctionnelle.
L’état du OneTrack est constamment en “Requête en cours…”
Vérifier que le OneTrack Server est en exécution.
Vérifier que le compte user <Auto Logon> existe.
La caméra PTZ ne track pas
Vérifier qu’un type de tracking a été sélectionné dans l’écran <Général> du OneTrack.
Vérifier le branchement du convertisseur série.
Vérifier les connexions Rx et Tx.
Vérifier que le bon protocole et modèle sont correctement sélectionnés.
Vérifier que le profile et la cédule sont bien configures.
La caméra PTZ se déplace par petits coups
Vérifier dans la section Tour pour l’option « Utiliser des arrêts intermédiaires entre les presets ».
La caméra PTZ n’opère pas correctement
Vérifier que le bon protocole a été sélectionné.
Vérifier que le bon mode de communication a été sélectionné (BIR, BIA, UNI).
En mode MultiTrack, vérifier que les couplages (bridges) fonctionnent correctement.
Le signal vidéo scintille ou contient du bruit (~ vagues)
Vérifier le bon fonctionnement du câble vidéo BNC.
Vérifier l’amplificateur vidéo, s’il y en a un.
Il est peut-être nécessaire d’utiliser un « ground loop » en dernier recours.
Pas de signal vidéo au niveau du OneTrack (Écran noir)
Vérifier que les caméras en question sont activées dans l’écran <Général> du OneTrack.
Vérifier que les signaux vidéo ne sont pas faibles.

FAQ / FAQ OneTrack English
« on: August 06, 2014, 02:41:08 PM »
Error with communication PTZ
Check that the selected protocol and camera model are correct.
Check the camera address, i.e. that the ID of the camera and the ID in the <General> screen are the same.
Check that the PTZ uses the same baud rate as the one in the <General> screen.
Check that the RS485/RS422 ? RS232 converter is connected correctly.
Check that the PTZ camera is connected correctly to the Rx+, RX-, Tx+, Tx- pins.
Check the termination dip-switch on the PTZ camera.
Check that the data cable between the camera conduct from end to end and that there is no cut somewhere in the middle.
Add a 12VDC power adapter on your RS485-RS232 converter.

No video signal in the OneTrack
Check the video signal of the camera.
Check the Octopus video cable.
Check if the camera and the video source are enabled in the general section of the OneTrack software.

Status of the OneTrack on querying
Check if the OneTrack Server is running.
Check if the Auto Logon account is deleted.
The PTZ camera doesn?t track
Check if the type of tracking is selected in the <General> screen.
Check the serial converter connection.
Check the Rx and Tx connection.
Check that the selected protocol and camera model are correct.
Check the profile and schedule to see if everything in configured correctly.

The PTZ camera moves by small steps
Check in the Tour section if the ?Use intermediate steps between presets? is checked.

The PTZ camera operate improperly
Check if the appropriate protocol is selected.
Check if the right communication mode has been selected (BIR, BIA, UNI).
In MultiTrack mode, check if your bridges works correctly.

Video signal shakes or have wavy lines
Check the BNC video cable.
Check your video amplifier (if one is installed).
Using a ground loop might be necessary.

No video signal in the OneTrack (black image)
Check that the camera is activated in the <General> screen.
Check that the video signal is not too weak.

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