BST Security BST-3000MH-IR 33X

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BST Security BST-3000MH-IR 33X
« on: June 01, 2016, 03:49:39 PM »
Version 2.5.0
Protocol: ONVIF
Modes: Absolute unidirectionel
Recommend: Absolute unidirectionel
Tracking modes: AutoTrack & MultiTrack
OneTrack version: 3.1.1

Default port: 8080
In the configuration, set the h264 decoder to main profile. There would be decoding problems if using high profile.

Speed problem:
When trying to perform an absolute pan/tilt, the more the camera is zoomed, the longer it takes to execute the positioning.
For example, if we are at pan0/tilt0/zoom0 and request to go to pan180/tilt0/zoom0, it will takes about 1sec to perform the motion.
However, if we are at pan0/tilt0/zoom85 and request to go to pan180/tilt0/zoom85, it might take 10 seconds to perform the motion.
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