Arecont Vision AV20275DN

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Arecont Vision AV20275DN
« on: August 11, 2017, 11:07:57 AM »
The Arecont Vision AV20275DN is a 4 sensor camera that must be configured in the OneTrack as 4 distinct rtsp cameras. The following RTSP strings must be used as the main stream:

rtsp:// cam_ip /h264.sdp1?res=full&doublescan=0&ssn=465 {channel 1}
rtsp:// cam_ip /h264.sdp2?res=full&doublescan=0&ssn=466 {channel 2}
rtsp:// cam_ip /h264.sdp3?res=full&doublescan=0&ssn=467 {channel 3}
rtsp:// cam_ip /h264.sdp4?res=full&doublescan=0&ssn=468 {channel 4}

The is no substream available, so more cpu usage is required for each stream.

Onvif protocol must NOT be used and the RTSP strings coming from Onvif must NOT be used. Low framerate and video corruption has been observed when using Onvif.