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The OneTrack system offers an advanced video intelligence solution for surveillance of outdoor areas using PTZ and fixed cameras.

With a feature called Multitrack, the OneTrack makes use of video analytics to detect different types of moving objects in the monitored scene. Simultaneously, the motorized PTZ camera follows objects of interest, and capture close-up images to facilitate the identification of persons or vehicles.
Product Sheet

Multitrack Mode

With the MultiTrack mode, fixed cameras are used to detect and analyse objects in the areas under surveillance. From this intelligent detection the Pan/tilt/Zoom camera is driven to track and zoom on objects of interest. Priorities can be configured based on object types and based on areas of interest. One PTZ camera can work in collaboration with up to seven fixed cameras to monitor a large outdoor area.

  • Tracks several objects simultaneously
  • More accurate tracking with close-up shots
  • Effective surveillance of larger areas



PTZ zooming on the object detected by the fixed camera


Object detection and classification

Moving objects in the monitored zone are detected and classified under three categories : people, vehicles and others objects. These detections as used to control PTZ cameras, to trigger recording and to send alarm notifications.

  • Selective tracking of objects of interest
  • Detection of significant events


Elimination of false objects

Some events may cause frequent detections: reflections of puddles, flags waving in the wind, tree leaves swinging in the wind. The object detection system of OneTrack includes mechanisms for the recognition of such phenomens and automatically rejects most false objects.

  • More efficient object detection
  • Reduction of false alarms


Scheduled profiles

For one camera several profiles of operation can be defined to control its tracking behaviour, its regions of interest, objects types of interest, and event notifications modes. These profiles are applied according to a schedule, so that the complete behaviour of the system for each camera can be changed without intervention.

  • Better operation adjustment according to days and time of day
  • System flexibility

Path zones

A detection in a path zone calls a PTZ preset. This give a fast and precise zoom positionning on the path zone. The zone detection can be directional. This kind of detection helps to position the PTZ to the best position for license plate capture or face capture.


  • The PTZ is positionned at the best place for license plate or face capture.
  • Enable capture of clear images of licence plates or faces.

Remote Access

A remote client software enables access through Internet to display realtime video, to playback recording to manually control PTZ cameras and make configuration changes.

  • Remote access of live camera video.
  • Remotely search playback recording and change system configuration.



The OneTrack system can record continuously or on events, such as motion tracking, object detection, signal loss and others.

  • Records significant events over long period of time
  • Enables quick search of events.

Detection Zones

1- Masks

To prevent the object detection in unwanted zones, the OneTrack offers a simple tool to create masking zones.

  • Reduction of false detections

2-Priority zones

Tracking priority can be set (low to high) for each zone and each object type (car, person).

  • More accurate selection of objects of interest based on location

3- Transition Zones (wrong way)

An alarm can be raised when an object moves in the wrong direction for a zone.

  • Detection of certain types of intrusions.

VMS compatibility

The OneTrack server is compatible with the following VMSs

  • GENETEC Security Center
  • MILESTONE XProtect Server
  • ExacqVision Server
  • TIL Technologies Server
  • AVIGILON Server
  • ONSSI/SeeTec Server


Object counter

Object counting can be set for a zone and by object type (person or vehicule).

  • Low cost marketing data collection.
  • Traffic evaluation

Central monitoring of multiple sites

A single remote system can connect to several OneTrack controller simultaneously

  • Powerful and unexpensive intelligent alarm detection system for alarm centrals.
  • More intelligent & flexible than conventional motion detection



The product comes mounted in an industrial rigid case. Numerous configurations are available, for up to 16 analytic cameras (Fixed or PTZ).

    • PTZ control modes (Manual, AutoTrack, Multitrack, Tour, Analytic on presets tour)
    • Fixed modes (Video analytic, detection zones, transition zones, object counter)
    • Recording (continuous, on event, pre/post events)
    • Compatible with ONVIF standard protocole (Client and Server)
    • Hybrid mode (can support analog SD and HD cameras using IP encoders)


Software Version (OEM)

The OneTrack software is available as a software license for OEMs and experienced integrators.


    • SLPTZ  – software license for one PTZ camera.
    • SLFC – software license for one fixed camera with video analytics.
    • SLRC – software license for basic recording function.


Software Integration

The OneTrack software can be integrated with 3rd party VMS or applications using SDK or ONVIF.

    • SDK Overview

    • ONVIF Overview


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