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    • Municipalities
    • Government buildings
    • Embassies
    • Penitentiaries
    • Military bases


    • Car dealerships
    • Transport warehouses
    • Hazardous material sites
    • Factories
    • Shopping centers

Public Places

    • Airports
    • Schools
    • Public parks
    • Maritime ports
    • Public parkings


Security concerns apply fully in the transport industry, particularly in past September 11 context and with new regulation standards like C-TPAT. Consequently, transport companies must take advantage of new tools to improve security of goods handled at all sites

At a storage hub for example, the OneTrack system can be used to monitor a large scene and search and zoom in priority significant objects like persons and vehicles, in areas of interest. The benefit is much better quality images of activities, much less useless video recording and more effective video security.


Vehicule Parks:
The various types of parkings, such as car dealerships parking lots, public parkings and business sites are particularly vulnerable to theft and vandalism. The OneTrack system, with its capacity for intelligent detection of moving objects and tracking performances with PTZ cameras, provides a solution for video surveillance of large outdoor surfaces, allowing capture of detailed images of significant events, thus helping maximize the identification of perpetrators of wrongdoing.


Vandalism and other illicit activities around school premises are an important concern for the responsible authorities. Intelligent video surveillance systems can be a very effective solution to this problem. The OneTrack system, with its capabilities to track and zoom selectively on significant moving objects, can monitor a large are and still capture high quality close-up images that enable identification of individuals and their actions.
In order to maintain a high level of security inside and outside the premises of detention centers, more and more advanced video surveillance systems are installed. The OneTrack system, with its intelligent tracking capabilities, constitutes a very powerful tool to capture high quality images of the surroundings, without the need of an operator. Driven by object detection algorithms, Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras are sent zooming directly to suspect objects in the view are. Moreover, significant objects detections can trigger alarms messages or signals.