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AutoTrack vs MultiTrack

AutoTrack vs MultiTrack

AutoTrack camera or MultiTrack system?

PTZ tracking systems essentially works in 2 modes: Autotrack or Multitrack. In Autotrack mode, the PTZ camera detects the motion in the image and positions itself by trying to center the detected object. Of course, when the PTZ is oriented in one direction, it cannot detect what’s going on in the other direction. To perform detection in a 360 deg angle, a tour is required. During the tour, the camera performs the video detection at each step and launches a tracking if required. However, performing a tour requires some time, so it’s possible to miss a fast intrusion.

In Multitrack mode, the video detection is performed on fixed cameras associated to the PTZ. When an object is detected on a fixed camera, the controller positions the PTZ directly on the detected object. The fixed cameras can be positioned to cover the entire zone to monitor. If many objects are detected, the PTZ can jump from one object to the other at a fast speed. Even more, since the detection is done by the fixed cameras, the intelligent video analyzer can classify the objects (car, pedestrian) and filter false objects like reflections on puddles, waving flags, etc. In Autotrack mode, since the PTZ is always moving, there is no background available to perform this kind of classification.