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Path zone function

Path zone function

Path zone – How it works?

The OneTrack system offers a specific function to watch a special zone called a “path zone” (ex: parking exit). This kind of zone can also be used to watch something of high priority, like a high value object or something dangerous. The system will automatically grab precise zoomed images of this zone when activity is detected inside the zone.

A common usage of this function is to grab licence plate of vehicles moving into this zone, like a parking exit.


Configuring this zone is done on the fixed camera. The zone is drawn along with the path direction. We then specify the exact Pan/Tilt/Zoom position of the PTZ, along with the fixed delay of time to stay on this zone.

When configured, the PTZ camera performs normal tracking operations when nothing special happens into this zone. Once the fixed camera detects an object (vehicle) into this zone, the PTZ is called in priority to move to the previously specified Pan/Tilt/Zoom position. The PTZ will stay in that position for the specified delay. By default, this delay is around 10 seconds. This delay is normally enough to grab a high quality image that allows to read the licence plate. After this period of time, the PTZ goes back to it’s normal tracking operations.

This function is really useful for outside security systems by providing a high level video analytic function without the requirement of dedicated cameras. Incidentally, this function can also count the number of detections in this path zone (ex: number of cars that leaved in a day).